Pelican Reunion 2015

“Pelicans Are Pelicans”

The Pelican Reunion Conference is hosted by the Star Island Religious and Educational Conference Center, Isles of Shoals, Gosport Harbor, New Hampshire, USA

“When I was a Pelican … “

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Pel Reunion Conference ProfileDo you have fond memories of the sometimes crazy ways things worked at Star Island when you were a Pelican and the fun you had working and living together? Come to the Pelican Reunion Conference to renew friendships from your Pelican years, make new friendships with Pelicans from other years, and find out what is it like to be a Pelican today. We’ll enjoy traditional Star Island activities like a bonfire, a lobster dinner, candlelight chapel services, softball, arts and crafts and sitting in rocking chairs. RATS-RATS! You will come back!

Minister of the Week(end)

susie-phoenixReverend Susie Phoenix will be our Minister of the Week(end)

Minister: The Reverend Susie Phoenix is our minister of the week. Well known to the Isles of Shoals, Rev. Phoenix began attending All Star II as a small child with her parents. She is Interim Minister at the First Congregational Church of Lee, Massachusetts and has dual standing as a UU and UCC minister. [ Read more ]


Star Island 2015 Pelican Reunion Rate Chart

Program Fee

$40/adults (18+), $20/youth (under 18) received by August 15, ($80, and $40 thereafter)


We really want you to come join us. If money is the only thing keeping you away, scholarship aid is available. Please email for more information click this button to fill out our online form

Financial Assistance

Youth Program

Our PIT (Pelican in Training) Crew Kids will participate in exciting and interesting activities like games on the front lawn, rowing to Smuttynose, and exploring our amazing island. This is a family conference, and children of all ages are welcome!


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