Kristi Martel

Kristi Martel

Kristi Martel, Rhode Island (Singing)

Featured on MTV/LOGO, NPR, WERS, in Curve Magazine, and voted Rhode Island’s Best Alt-Rock Female Vocalist, 2011 MacColl Johnson Fellowship Finalist and avant-soul piano diva Kristi Martel grew up in New England and left in 1990 to earn an ASCAP grant and two music degrees (Bard and Mills College) before beginning her touring and recording career.

Kristi’s piano playing combines her love of blues dissonance and syncopation with her classical training. Her powerful voice is at once sweet and bitter, able to leap and soar, whisper and rattle, expressive of any emotion she chooses and fluid throughout her range. She is visionary in her lyrics and composition, writing her prayers and quirky autobiographical narratives in the same breath.

Through Sealed Lip Records, Kristi has released seven CDs. “Ravengirl” is Kristi’s goofy joke superhero name for herself, her recognition of the crazy blessing it is that she felt joy everyday, amidst the profound grief, after her former life partner’s suicide in 2003. This newest album is full up with that joy, with the healing and transformation Kristi has undergone to be singing still so powerfully today.

Kristi has recorded and released demos for her next full-length CD, “Sacred Whore.” She is currently working on a release of the remaining four demos, on vinyl! The work is more jazz and soul, and focuses on the universal in our human experience and our need for inner and world peace.