Pelican Reunion Governance

2016 Pelican Reunion Steering Committee

Purpose: continue the conference with a mission to serve Pelicans and former Pelicans.

Specific duties: Choose leadership (conference and SC). Manage finances and approve expenditures. Determine registration fees and annual conference attendance goals. Manage financial assistance. Support conference chairs.

ROLE 2014 Term Ends (fall)
Steering Committee Chair Nancy Meyer 2018 / 5y
Secretary Deb Weiner Soule 2019 / 5y
Registrar Matthew Baya 2020 / 5y
Treasurer Cayce Soule 2016 / 5y
Rotating Member Sarah Mason 2016 / 3y
Rotating Member Greg Case 2017 / 3y
Rotating Member John Lintner 2018 / 3y
Current Conf Chair(s) Liz Erickson and Abby Lourie 2017
Past Conf Chair(s) Diane Parsons and Miriam Coe 2016
Next Conf Chair(s) Karen Mairs 2017
PIT Coordinator Ben Soule 2016 / 3y


2016 Pelican Reunion Steering Committee Subcommittees

Support the subcommittee with energy and ideas, provide possible future leadership.

Marketing and Communications Scott Stewart (Chair) 2017 / 3y
Annual Fund Rep Steve Whitney 2016 / 3y
Scholarship Diane Parsons (Chair) 2017 / 3y
Auction Coordinator Hillary Case (Chair) N/A
Conference Historian Arlyn Weeks N/A
Memorials Arlyn Weeks N/A
Governance Task Force Greg Case (Chair) N/A
Alumni Coordinator Vacant proposed
Volunteer Coordination (proposed) Vacant proposed
Membership (proposed) Vacant proposed