Pelican Reunion Conference is only 3 1/2 weeks away

Pelican Reunion is only 3 1/2 weeks away. We are going to have a great weekend on the Island. So far we have around 80 people registered. We really hope you can join us and feel free to bring a friend, you know that person who has listened to you tell all of those stories over the years of “When I was a Pelican” but has never been to this place you speak so fondly about.

To date here are some of the people who have registered to come out;

Chris Adams
Mark and Kyle Adams
Jack Alberti
Elise Kolbjornsen Anton
Melissa Bailey
Kate Brady
Joanne Bulley
Emily Cann
Phyllis & Chris Carleen
Buffy Bierman Carson
Greg Case and Hillary Adams
Carol Davies and Judith Hunter
Chris and Jenny Dembergh
Taylor Dumais
Sean & Melanie Elliot
Steve Faust & Mary-Alice Favro
Brad Greeley
Chris Harrington
Margaret Kolbjornsen
Bob Lightfoot
Kris LoFromento & William Pletz
Tom Mansfield
Sarah Mason
Nancy Miller
Bruce & Carole Parsons
Drew Parsons
Dave and Edith Pierson
Roberta Reynolds
Jon Skillman
Robin Smith
Ben & Debbie Soule
Marc and Jane Soule
Nate Soule
Arlyn Weeks
Steve & Edie Whitney

We have representation from many decades of Pelicans. Wouldn’t it be great to come out and reconnect with old friends.

Come Platy With Us,

Bruce and Carole Parsons

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