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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Isles of Shoals

This unlikely couple met at a little island hotel on one of the rocky islands divided along the border of New Hampshire and Maine. She was a waitress and he was a scholar and Shakespearian actor from a prominent family. Fortunately, opposites attract, because this pair are my great-grandparents (that’s Dar on the right!).

My Grandmother told the best stories of their adventures together… she being the one to change a flat tire when the car broke down, and her mother-in-law scolding him because his wife preferred the company of “the help” in the kitchen to that of the high-society guests at a dinner party.

I have their wedding silverware, and I use it every day. The thought of her standing over a sudsy sink, laughing with the servants (she had such a servant’s heart) makes me smile and makes washing my own dishes a little more pleasant.Maybe this Spring I’ll make it to this place that was so special to all of them… I’ve always wanted to go. It’s not so far from Brooklyn…

Author: Pelican Reunion

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